Monday, 18 April 2011

really really cool posters

Posters for Black Swan by London-based studio LaBoca.

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    why didn't they use these instead of the stupid ordinary poster?! More movie posters should be actual worthwhile pieces of graphic design instead of the generic stuff any teenager could knock out on photoshop...
    Hi Sandra, by the way. I'm only here because I'm bored :P


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Sandra Berghianu studied BA Graphic Design in Camberwell College of Art and is currently on the MA Art & Science course in CSM, London. Fascinated by organic structures and the natural world, Sandra Berghianu’s work often explores scientific subjects, such as biology and chemistry. She is interested in conveying the complex information offered by these subjects in a visually appealing way, remedying the dryness of scientific visuals and information. Sandra has a natural preference for the handmade, and she often chooses this over a sleek designed look. Sandra also has a love for the physical, thus preferring to produce print or 3D work as opposed to purely digital work. Sandra’s ultimate goal is to recreate her passion and understanding for science in other people, using non-traditional and handmade techniques to convey the information.